Anso V3 Green


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      The V.3 carabiner is do all companion on your keys for everyday tasks. It will allow you to attach your keys to a beltloop or on a bag. In addition it features a bottleopener and prybar/screwdriver. The spring is custom made from stainless steel. Weight is approx 1.3 oz. These have been beadblasted, anodized and stonewashed.

      Available in the following materials: TITANIUM, COPPER, BRASS, BRONZE and ZIRCONIUM.

      TITANIUM is also available in the following variants: grey, blue, green, amber, gold, CUPRUM finish  and KOBOLT finish.

      Please note that while some pics show the old ANSØ logo all carabiners are now engraved with the NEW crowned A logo. 

      • Length: 88mm (3.46")
      • Width: 40mm (1.57")
      • Thickness: 5mm (0.196")
      • Material: Titanium, Copper, Brass, Bronze and Zirconium
      • Finish: Stonewashed and Anodized
      • Made in Denmark
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