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Anso of Denmark

Anso V4 Blue

Anso V4 Blue

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The V.4 carabiner is do all companion on your keys for everyday tasks. It will allow you to attach your keys to a beltloop or on a bag. In addition it features a bottleopener and prybar/screwdriver. The spring is custom made from stainless steel. Weight is approx 1.3 oz. These have been beadblasted, anodized and stonewashed.

Please note that while some pics show the old ANSØ logo all carabiners are now engraved with the NEW crowned A logo. 

  • Length: 88mm (3.46")
  • Width: 40mm (1.57")
  • Thickness: 5mm (0.196")
  • Material: Titanium, Copper, Brass, Bronze and Zirconium
  • Finish: Stonewashed and Anodized
  • Made in Denmark
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